Git Client

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The git client in use

The git client for ILEditor 2 is special in that it is a client that runs on the server. To use the git client in ILEditor 2, git needs to be installed via the yum package manager for IBM i, which is available for IBM i 7.2 and above.

The git client will use whatever your home directory is set to in the ILEditor 2 settings, so be sure that it is a git repository.

The git client will show 3 items:

  • Status - which allows you to see the status of your files (like running git status). Only when you click on a file that has changed, the diff will be displayed. If you right click on the Status item, you will see options to interact with your repository.
  • Log - which will show you the last 50 commits in the repo. When you click on a commit, it will show you a list of files changed in that commit. When you click on a file in the commit, it will show you the diff of that change.
  • Branch - will show a list of branches, tagged with an asterisk with your current branch.


Opening the Status item in the tree will show you staged and un-staged items in the current tree. These are indicated with + (staged) and - (un-staged). You can right click to stage/unstage, or restore.

Right clicking on the Status items will show such options like commit, push, etc.