Login & Editor

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When you launch ILEditor 2, you will only be prompted to enter a hostname (or IP), username and password. ILEditor 2 is completely SSH driven, so your IBM i system must have the SSH Daemon started.

You can also optionally tell ILEditor 2 to remember your login details for next time you launch it.

A screenshot showing the editor interface

Selecting login will attempt to log into the system. The panel on the left, named the activity bar, is a list of plugins enabled inside of ILEditor 2 (like the Member Browser and IFS Browser). After you have logged in these should become enabled. Clicking on an item in the activity bar will change the panel to your selected item.

The bar at the bottom with the text ‘Compile Status’ is known as the compile bar. When you compile source code (using Ctrl+E / Command+E), the status is updated and uses different colours to indicate the compiled state.

The cog in the bottom left is the button to display the ILEditor 2 settings.